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Welcome to the Old Ashfordians’ Cricket Club’s Play Cricket Site

Club Details
The Old Ashfordians' Cricket Club was founded in 1928 by former pupils of Ashford (Middlesex) Grammar School.  A small friendly (now wandering club) playing Sunday & midweek fixtures in and around Surrey & Berkshire. If you are interested in playing for the Old Boys' then please contact: the Club Captain, Daryl Smith or Vice-Captain Jason Carr. For more information about the Club or to re-establish contact, please email the Secretary, David Hallé.

President's Day - 2018  is being held on the 8th July at Royal Ascot CC

President’s Day is an opportunity for players (past and present), friends of the Old Boys’ and families to get together socially.  During a Captain’s XI v Vice-Captain’s XI match lunch is served with tea, coffee and a bar available all day.

Bob Smith
Bob, an all-rounder who would fit the bill as “best supporting cricketer” passed away early in 2017.  He played 123 games between 1964 and 1978. In his 103 innings he scored 810 runs at an average of 9.5. His top score of 40 was against Birkbeck College in April 1975.  He bowled 701 overs, taking 133 wickets at an average of 16.4. His best bowling was his 7-69 v Olinda Vandals in 1964; he took five wickets on two other occasions.  He was elected a vice-president in 1976 and maintained contact with the Club, playing on President’s Day up until 2010.  The Club offers its condolences to Bob’s wife, Linda and his family.

Jon Prowse
Jon, passed away very suddenly in June 2016 in his 40s. Jon made 319 appearances following his debut in 1985; had he not spent a number of summers water-skiing and later living in Austria, his total of 5,801 runs at 22.1 would have been significantly higher. He is our tenth highest run scorer with a top score of 103, against Shepperton in 2003  Jon was also an energetic wicket keeper with 190 dismissals (the 6th best in the Club's history), with 61 stumpings. He bravely battled to beat both cancer and depression and gave a lot back to cricket.  He is sadly missed.

John Harris
John Harris, one of the club's top batsmen in the late 1960's and 1970's passed away in May after a long illness. John made 330 appearances and was one of 31 players to have turned out over 300 times. He topped the batting average in 1970 and with 100 catches and 9 stumpings is one of only 22 players to have made over 100 fielding dismissals.  A report of one of John's innings   can be found here John also served on the committee and his contributions were recognised when he was elected as a vice-president in 1986.